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Marquis Ambient Perfume Pack

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Immerse yourself in the elegance of the 18th century with our Marquise Ambient Perfume Pack.

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Immerse yourself in the elegance of the 18th century with our Marquise Ambient Perfume Pack, inspired by the majesty of Provence and the romantic aura of its historic manors. This trio of refined scents will awaken your senses and beautify your daily life with notes that pay homage to French aristocracy.

Included in the Pack:

Marquise Ambient Perfume 100 ml: Breathe in the noble air of Provencal chateaux with this rich and voluptuous essence. Each spray releases a bouquet of precious woods, sweet spices, and a hint of soft vanilla, reminiscent of candlelit ballrooms and secret gardens.

Les Intemporelles Perfume Diffuser 90 ml: This elegant diffuser, adorned with classical motifs, is filled with the Marquise fragrance and comes with sticks that slowly absorb and release the scent, creating a persistent and enchanting atmosphere of yesteryear in your space.

Marquise Linen Perfume 75 ml: Wrap your textiles – from delicate sheets to everyday clothing – with the Marquise linen scent. Its special formulation allows for long-lasting fragrance without staining fabrics, so you can carry the essence of nobility with you at all times.

The sensory experience:

This exclusive pack is an invitation to get lost in a historical novel, where each perfume note is a turned page, each fragrance a chapter in a timeless love story. Let the Marquise scent transport you to an era where beauty and refinement reigned supreme.

Why choose the Marquise Pack ?

Authenticity: Products made with respect for French perfumery traditions, guaranteeing unparalleled authenticity. Décor: The sophisticated designs of the diffuser and bottles add an elegant touch to any interior. Well-being: Marquise aromas have been chosen for their ability to relax the mind and soothe the soul, offering true olfactory well-being.

How to use the pack ?

Place the diffuser in your living room for a royal welcome, spray the ambient perfume before guests arrive for a memorable evening, and infuse your linen with the linen scent for a lasting feeling of freshness and luxury.


The Marquise Ambient Perfume Pack is available now at Comptoir Beauté. Order yours and let history awaken around you.


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Marquis Ambient Perfume Pack