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The workshop This is a workshop located in the Pays de Grasse, the cradle of perfumery. Founded by Camille Dol, a young woman bursting with creativity and in love with travel. From creation to packaging, each product is eco-designed, oriented towards respectful consumption patterns. Our taste for detail is a precious key to designing the best. We draw the strength of our identity from sharing our values, certifying fragrance formulations without CMR, original recycled packaging and refillable products. Discover our 6 room scents available in different products.

The workshop It is above all the fruit of a motivation to be able to offer an olfactory experience for everyone. Give your customers a scent signature.

Atelier C. was born out of an olfactory passion.

Camille Founder of the brand, embarked on the adventure of creating her own olfactory imprint with a deep desire to change the codes.

Lover of plants and the beauties of our planet and aware that we must change our method of consumption, she makes a point of honor on the social and environmental responsibility of each product developed.

From packaging to raw materials, an important notion of carbon footprint is taken into account in order to offer you an eco-designed product.

Atelier C. is:

Strong values claimed through each product developed

· A reflection on our purchasing and supply system to reduce our carbon impact

Raw materials without CMR and dyes

Recyclable or reusable refillable bottles

Artisanal and local production

Active filters

Home perfume Tonka & lin - 100 ml - L'atelier C

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