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Able to revive memories buried deep in our childhood. The scent of thyme in the house, and it is the family walks in the scrub resurgent. Smells have the ability to become embedded in our memory and stay there.

From earliest childhood, each fragrance stores and builds its own code of perfumes. Also, to feel good, to create a peaceful and serene atmosphere, which is sweeter than to reappear scents that plunge us into delicious memories.

To make your home feel deliciously good and maintains a pleasant atmosphere, we offer a wide choice of aromatisateurs, air fresheners, essential oils, fragrance diffusers, scented beads and scented candles. ..

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  • Brand: Mathilde M.

Surconcentré parfum 10 ml - Astrée - Mathilde M

Thanks to its highly concentrated formula, a few drops are enough to perfume an entire room with Astrée. Radiant fragrance is the meeting of a solar orange blossom and a voluptuous jasmine, enhanced by a warm oriental accord. You can utilise as refill perfume for all  scented objets of Mathilde M.

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