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Savonnerie de Bormes , french natural cosmetics for body and perfum for house,  was born in the sunny land of French Provence. 

The collection is based on grandeur and tranquillity of landscapes of Provence, Toscana, and also of the Oriental ones. The whole culture of this region is based on mixture of cultures of multitude of peoples of this region, on their perfumes, traditions, artisan art and craftsmanship of hands.

The collection’s products render the tranquillity of morning awakening of villages, freshness of mountain lawns, tenderness of sunset, abundance of village markets and scents... scents of nature and odours of life, scents of flowers and fragrances of herbs to us. The collection is regularly expanded with addition of agents of cosmetology, based exclusively on virgin natural raw materials, with refined and elegant fragrances, odours for home and linen and also decorative articles for premises. 
Today the collection of the trademark Savonnerie de Bormes has firmly entered the elite of French brands, exported almost to all large countries of the world.

Savonnerie de Bormes creates natural-cosmetics of high quality, environmentally friendly in the production process, using natural raw, acquired also through environmentally friendly method, under environment preservation conditions and ethnic development of southern underdeveloped countries of the Planet.
This approach makes the brand follow these principles while creating its collections, avoid using aromatizers of synthetic character, petroleum components, or chemical substitutes, which fabrication is connected with contamination of the environment.
Caring for human health, Savonnerie de Bormes uses only the component of natural, vegetable character, without parabene, artificial colouring agents, or components of animal origin. 



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