List of products by brand Goa

Home fragrance Goa manufactured by french company CLEM.

Since 1994, Clem , French manufacturer invents and reinvents home fragrance products.

In 1996 Clem creates GOA trademark blend of oriental tradition and modernity disseminating original scents that speak to the imagination.

This manufacturing is recognized by the industry for creating candles creams and developed the concept of Goatier. GOA todayis the reference on the market of interior perfumes, focusing on quality , subtle blends of fragrances , and its packaging that restore consistency with the vivid color duo / fragrance.

In an environment increasingly attentive to the olfactory scenery , Goa has carefully selected its supports . incense , candles, potpourri , perfume's burners Goatier ( the success of the moment) .

The products , real gems for eyes, were also designed to provide bright splashes of color to our homes. It restores consistency with color duo / fragrance .

Let you guide and carry the spirit of Goa ! Complete the sweetest trips , lulled by the perfume essences , candle flames or smell of Goatier diffusor!

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