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Essential oil of chamomile 20 ml– Céven’Arômes

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Immerse yourself in an authentic olfactory experience with our interior perfume sets featuring essential oils - 100% Natural Collection. Made in France with natural ingredients, each spray provides a lasting and soothing ambiance.

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Immerse yourself in an immersive olfactory experience, woven from the soul of France.

Perfumed odyssey: In the gentle valleys and peaceful hills of the French countryside, where lavender fields stretch as far as the eye can see and citrus fruits ripen under the generous sun, our 50ml Indoor Perfume Spray - Natural Collection is born. Each spray is the fruit of an artisanal heritage passed down through generations, perpetuating the olfactory excellence and love of nature that characterize our beautiful homeland.


  • Capacity: 50ml per spray
  • Origin: Proudly made in France, in the cradle of world perfumery
  • Material: Recyclable white glass, offering crystal clear transparency
  • Available fragrances: Lime, Lavender, Geranium-Citronella, Mountain, Provençal, Meadow Herbs, Bergamot-Vanilla, Cedar, Green Tea
  • Diffusion duration: Long-lasting for an enduring and captivating ambiance
  • Eco-friendly packaging: Use of recycled and biodegradable materials to reduce environmental impact
  • Craftsmanship: Each fragrance is carefully created by passionate artisans, ensuring exceptional quality in each spray
  • The magic of ingredients: Our perfumes are made from natural and organic ingredients, handpicked in the fragrant gardens of France. These jewels of nature, free from harsh chemicals, preserve the health of your indoor environment while wrapping you in a natural freshness aura.

Sensory Journey: Gently spray our indoor fragrance in your favorite space and let yourself be transported by its enchanting notes. Close your eyes and be carried away to sun-bathed lavender fields, citrus orchards bursting with flavor, and majestic cedar forests. Ideal for creating a relaxing atmosphere in living rooms, bedrooms, offices, spas, and more.

Pack Contents:

  • 63 x 50ml Sprays, distributed as follows:
    • 7 Lime
    • 7 Lavender
    • 7 Geranium-Citronella
    • 7 Mountain
    • 7 Provençal
    • 7 Meadow Herbs
    • 7 Bergamot-Vanilla
    • 7 Cedar
    • 7 Green Tea
  • Solid wood display stand, meticulously designed to showcase French craftsmanship and the authenticity of our fragrances
  • Elegant promotional poster, illustrating our commitment to nature and environmental respect
  • 9 Testers allowing your customers to eco-friendly discover each fragrance
  • Booklet on our company and eco-responsible practices, highlighting our commitment to sustainability and nature preservation


  • Place the display stand in a strategic location to attract customer attention and highlight our eco-friendly approach.
  • Encourage the use of testers to let your customers explore the subtleties of each fragrance while emphasizing our commitment to environmentally friendly practices.
  • Customize the poster with information about our natural ingredients and ethical approach, thereby reinforcing your customers' trust in the quality and integrity of our products.

Offer your customers an authentic and eco-responsible olfactory experience with our 50ml Indoor Perfume Spray - Natural Collection. Let yourself be enchanted by the quintessence of France, captured in each spray, and let the magic of our fragrances awaken your senses and beautify your daily life.


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