Sale conditions




These sale conditions are concluded between the company LIGARA INTERNATIONAL, offering consumer products for sale at the site, hereinafter referred as the “site” from one side, and from the other side – the buyer, purchasing the product from the site, offered by the company LIGARA INTERNATIONAL, hereinafter referred to as the “client”.

The parties agree that their relations will be regulated only by these sale conditions.

Clicking the relevant button at the site, after filling in the order form, has the validity of command confirmation and respectively, of acceptance of such sale conditions.

All information at the site is represented in French, Russian and English.



These sale conditions consider the rights and obligations of each party in the procedure of products’ purchase, represented by the company LIGARA INTERNATIONAL on pages of its e-shop, starting from order confirmation and to payment and delivery.

Important: these conditions apply to the text of the command and order form. Photos, illustrating the products represented, are not included into the scope of such conditions. Provide that by any reasons the publication of photos on screens of users are modified in the course of the product’s examination, they shall not effect the decision-making according to these conditions and on no account entail the responsibility of the company LIGARA INTERNATIONAL.


Access to site


Access to the site of the company LIGARA INTERNATIONAL, including all communication expenses on connection to Internet, is a sole concern of the client.




The order form, filled and signed by clicking the respective button, means the full and irrevocable purchase of the selected product.

The order is deemed accepted for execution after written confirmation of the order’s acceptance for execution by the company LIGARA INTERNATIONAL. The Client will receive the written confirmation on acceptance of the order for execution, with full indication of all the elements of purchase (name of the selected product, its quantity, price of product, terms of delivery, delivery cost, etc.) by e-mail to the address mentioned at filling of form with the details of the client. The Company LIGARA INTERNATIONAL is obliged to execute the command, ordered by Internet, for delivery of the product only in case the product is available at the company’s warehouse at the moment of the order placement. The Company LIGARA INTERNATIONAL reserves the right not to confirm the command acceptance on any reason, in particular due to temporary unavailability or taking out of production of the article.

The confirmed order will accepted to execution according to terms, set forth at the site and in any other case within 15 working days from the day of the command confirmation and only in case the product is available at the warehouse. In the event of temporary unavailability of the product at the company’s warehouse, the company LIGARA INTERNATIONAL will immediately notify there of through a written message to the client, having proposed either to wait for a certain period, or return its cost. The Client also in writing informs the company on its decision.

The ordered product remains the property of the company LIGARA INTERNATIONAL in full size till the full payment of its cost.

Warning: The shipping of products containing alcohol, such as eaux de toilette, the waters of Cologne, some mists, or air fresheners may be subject to the regulation about Transport of Hazardous Materials for their flammability. As such, LIGARA International keeps right to cancel any order which the quantity of these products would be greater than commonly accepted by the carrier identified.



Validity term of the commercial offer for sale of this or that article


Commercial offer is available at the site is effective during one month starting from the date of publication and within the bounds of the article’s availability at the warehouse of the company LIGARA INTERNATIONAL.



Payment conditions


The Client is obliged to pay the cost of the selected product according to the price, mentioned at the site in EUR or in UK pounds + delivery cost, which will be calculated automatically individually in each case and will be indicated in the total cost, which will appear automatically in the column COST for payment after the order confirmation.

The Client is responsible for the right of purchase payment option form the proposed ones at the site by methods in accordance with the law of the country of origin:

• credit bank cards.

• other payment methods such as PAYPAL or similar.

In case the payment has not come within more than 10 working days after the order confirmation, the company LIGARA INTERNATIONAL has the full right to cancel the order and consider it as invalid.


Prices and customs duties


The mentioned at the site prices for products, offered by the company LIGARA INTERNATIONAL, include only the cost of the product itself separately and in EUR/UK pounds for piece. The indicated prices do not include the transportation cost, which will be added to the final invoice depending on the residence of the client.

The Client shall pay, if necessary, all the expenses, connected with mailing service, customs or other expenses such as customs duties, expenses on storing products in post offices in the event of no possibility to deliver them to the client in case the latter is absent from the mentioned delivery address, value-added taxes and so forth, which are related to the law of the country of residence, if such are if such are available. The responsibility for such type of payment is born by the client on his/her own.

Prior to filling the order, the client is able to learn the mail tarifs at the respective page of the site


Transfer of responsibility and risk


Transfer of responsibility for the product is made at the moment of its cession from the company LIGARA INTERNATIONAL to the post or forwarding service for transportation to the client’s place of residence. The product is transported with responsibility and risk of the client, and this provision is effective also in case of the product’s return to be exchanged or in case of claim till the moment when the product is returned to the warehouse of the company LIGARA INTERNATIONAL. During all this time necessary for return of the god to be exchanged or in case of claim, the client bears the full responsibility for its safety and damage.




The product will be sent to the address, mentioned by the client in the order form at the moment of ordering at the site The delivery is deemed to be completed at the moment when the product is transferred to the mail or forwarding service.

In case of delay, loss or damage, the client shall on his/her own contact the mail or forwarding agent, mentioned by the company LIGARA INTERNATIONAL as the transporter, so as to clarify the reasons. The Company LIGARA INTERNATIONAL does not bear any responsibility for delay, damage or loss of the product by the transporting company.

The Company LIGARA INTERNATIONAL positively advise the client, upon reception of the product, prior to signing the acceptance act, to open the packing and verify the composition of delivery, its appearance and condition of articles at once.

If the client states any anomaly, he  shall refuse accepting and immediately within 3 days inform the administration of mail or forwarding service, which made the delivery, on reasons of refusal to accept products, having sent the written notification with receipt on reception to them. The copy of such claim shall be sent by the client to the company LIGARA INTERNATIONAL by e-mail.


Warning: The shipping of products containing alcohol, such as eaux de toilette, the waters of Cologne, some mists, or air fresheners may be subject to the regulation about Transport of Hazardous Materials for their flammability. As such, LIGARA International keeps right to cancel any order which the quantity of these products would be greater than commonly accepted by the carrier identified.




The following events are deemed to be force-majeure:

• National and international strikes, resulting in blocking of transport ways, which are used to supply the warehouse of the company LIGARA INTERNATIONAL or transportation of the product to the client.

• State laws, leading to cancellation of such types of deals, being temporary or approved in the time period from the start of order placement by the client and the moment of shipment.

• Problems of communication nature, such as Internet disconnection, blocking of access to the network, etc..

In the event of occurrence of any from the above-mentioned force-majeure hindrances, the company LIGARA INTERNATIONAL reserves the right to modify the delivery date and the date of the client’s order execution. In case force-majeure lasts for more than 3 months, the order may be cancelled through mutual agreement of the parties.




Claims on unconformity of the product with the ordered one shall be documented within 7 days from the reception, and sent to the address of LIGARA INTERNATIONAL. The Client shall return the product, in case of unconformity, in the factory packing and without opening the product, to the warehouse of the company LIGARA INTERNATIONAL on his/her own account to the address - 32 Rue des Quatre Vents – 41350 Vineuil – FRANCE

In case the company LIGARA INTERNATIONAL agrees with the claim of the client, it pays back its cost and expenses on return to the client immediately. If the company LIGARA INTERNATIONAL does not accept the claim of the client, the client will be informed in the official letter on the reason of waiver and the client is entitled form his side to appeal against this decision in courts.


Protection of the client’s personal data


The Company LIGARA INTERNATIONAL reserves the right to collect personal information about the clients visiting the site, in particular through the use of cookies. Personal information is essential for realization of the client’s order, invoicing, mail services and others. However, the client has the right, according to the Law on protection of personal information when it is processed in information systems (Law of the Government of France, dd. January, 6 1978), to access his own database, its modification or liquidation, for which execution he or she should just apply to the company LIGARA INTERNATIONAL in writing either to the following address:

32 Rue des Quatre Vents – 41350 Vineuil – FRANCE

Or e-mail contact here


Signatures and evidence of deal


Informative documents with data on the concluded deal in computer database of the company LIGARA INTERNATIONAL are considered to be evidence of the made transactions between the company and the client, in particular: order form, confirming the product ordered, data on bank remittances, data on mail or transport shipments and also all the written mailing between the company LIGARA INTERNATIONAL and the client aiming to finalize the process of purchase.

In all case the use of bank card in Internet as the payment method of the ordered product, set of bank details for bank transaction by the client, will be deemed the evidence of the performed deal from the side of the client. Entering through clicking the button on bank payment transaction is considered to be the signature of the client on acceptance of these sale conditions and order to buy the selected articles.


Archiving and keeping of data on concluded deals


Archiving of order forms and issued invoices is made on the reliable informational base according to the Article 1348 of the Civil Code of France.


Protection of intellectual property


Company LIGARA INTERNATIONAL owns the intellectual property of the site, for its technical maintenance, including for articles and photo pictures. In this view, diffusing or reproduction, partial or full, of the site elements by other persons, irrespectively of diffusing sources, are completely prohibited.

All the site elements from, visual or sound ones, are protected by the intellectual property right and copyright. They belong to the company LIGARA INTERNATIONAL. Any private or business person, wishing to use this of that element of site, and also to make a link to this site, shall have the written authorization from the company LIGARA INTERNATIONAL.


Applicable law


These sale conditions are made at the virtue of the Civil Law Code of France, in particular according to Articles No. 46 and No. 48 of the New Code of Civil Law (Code de Procédure Civile NCPC) , applicable in case of contractual relations between the commercial organization and individual. In the event when the client is the legal entity, mutual relations will be set forth in each certain case by the purchase and sale agreement according to the Commerce Tribunal of France.