List of products by brand L'Aurore

L'Aurore is a French brand offering artisanal scented candles and home fragrances.

The brand combines elegance and modernity, with sustainable objectives that respect the environment (ingredients with a low carbon footprint and not tested on animals). The mixture of vegetable waxes delivers a clean burn with a high quality in the diffusion of the fragrance.

Each of these candles is cast entirely by hand, traditionally, in the workshop that we created in the beautiful region where we are from, the Dauphiné, and more precisely near Grenoble.


It seemed very important to us to be able to offer you the most environmentally friendly candle possible! After months of research, we were able to develop a 100% vegetable and local wax, with unequaled diffusion and texture, made from sunflower wax (cultivated in France and the Benelux) and walnuts.


They are made by our perfumer from the best raw materials with a maximum of natural essences.


Printed and produced in France and Italy, they are also recyclable, we also limit over-packaging when preparing your packages. We also favour the reuse of boxes from our suppliers. In order to respect our ecological approach and limit our carbon footprint, we favour French and European products as well as road transport.

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