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List of products by brand Mathilde M.

Mathilde M. decorates your home with perfumed cushions, candles, soaps and many other bath and room decorations!

One spirit for your Home


In the landscape of subtle style, Mathilde M. paints with a palette full of tenderness, elegance and fragrance; with it she has created a complete range of accessories for the bath and home.

A deft touch here, and the wardrobe fills with the perfume of wild flowers; as a light stroke there, and a basket overflows with softness; the slightest of breaths and one’s skin is touched by the delicacy of rice powder, the sprinkle of a sea breeze and the dew of alpine meadows…

From her brush flows an in temporal time of texture bearing the patina of the past, of show-coloured angels, of bath-salts and fluffy towels.  She brings us the memory of bygone days and the lost happiness of childhood.