Claims on unconformity of the product with the ordered one shall be documented within 7 days from the reception, and sent to the address of LIGARA INTERNATIONAL.

The Client shall return the product, in case of unconformity, in the factory packing and without opening the product, to the warehouse of the company LIGARA INTERNATIONAL on his/her own account to the address - 32 Rue des Quatre Vents – 41350 Vineuil – FRANCE

In case the company LIGARA INTERNATIONAL agrees with the claim of the client, it pays back its cost and expenses on return to the client immediately.

If the company LIGARA INTERNATIONAL does not accept the claim of the client, the client will be informed in the official letter on the reason of waiver and the client is entitled form his side to appeal against this decision in courts.

Return forme to fill out and send to: Ligara International by post registered letter