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The history of Nicolosi-creations

You are invited at Digne-les-Bains, the capital of lavender and... gentle way of life.


Nestling between Provence and Alps, its preserved environment makes this spa town a paradise for outdoor activities.
The purity of air and sunshine are exceptional increasing the presence of a great number of different species of butterflies.
Its well known for thermal cure baths for patients.

Earth of lavender

Since 2004, we have chosen to settle our production unit in the very heart of Haute-Provence, in Estoublon, the land of lavender.
Our dynamic and skilled professional staff harmonize essential oils with the human senses.
Come and enjoy a dream full of scents, through our most complete range of  body and home products, which are in continual development.
Present for several years on the main national and international exhibitions, we have created our reputation based on perfume diffusers with rattan sticks.

Organic Lavender Essential Oil Cosmetics

Les Lavandières en Provence

On the heights of Digne les Bains, capital of the lavender, the Organic lavender essential oil, produced by the distillery of Siron, inspired to Philip Nicolosi its range " Les Lavandières de Provence ".



Digne les Bains is the capitale of lavender and ...gentle of life.

Travel through space and time to enjoy the pleasure of a dream full of scents.
Imagine....fiels, a blue violet colour, as far as the eyes can see...with an enchanting fragrance and warmed by the sweet sunlight under the purest sky in France.
"L'eau de lavande naturelle" , which will transport you in the unforgettable land of Provence.

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