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Cervical Pain? The heated cervical traction pillow by Climsom helps to regain a proper posture to relieve stiff neck and related pain (contractures, neuralgia, migraines, headaches). Firm and curved cushion to stretch the neck and alleviate cervical pain.

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Effectively and sustainably relieve your neck pain

Perfect combination of cervical decompression and thermotherapy (heat) Integrated heating cover, 3 temperature levels: 40 / 45 / 50°C Easy to use and practical: the cover includes a 1.50m USB cable + a plug adapter Recommended by F.Stévignon, physiotherapist and author of "Putting an End to Back Pain"

He'll tell you more below.

Stiff and painful neck? Feeling of "crunchy" cervical vertebrae? Sore shoulders?

Our daily lives are filled with sources of pain for our cervical spine: poor postures in front of screens but also during reading, poor working or relaxation positions (too deep sofa), stress...

An effective track supported by healthcare professionals to relieve pain and tension? Cervical decompression!

Performed using a firm cervical decompression cushion, it involves stretching the cervical discs to:

  1. relieve the harmful effects of prolonged poor postures such as muscle contractures
  2. regain a physiological (natural) posture, key to long-term relief from pain.

With cervical decompression, you not only relieve symptoms, you also correct the cause!

Cervical decompression cushion (or traction): how does it work?

Unlike other devices you may find on the market, the Climsom Flex cervical traction cushion is covered with a full heating cover. A significant comfort gain that will prevent your neck from being in contact with the cold synthetic material of traction cushions on the market. Other devices include a thin heating strip, but without real integration into the device. If necessary, the cervical decompression cushion cover can be removed.

We still advise you to keep the cover even if you don't turn on your Climsom Flex for a softer touch at room temperature. The cervical decompression cushion is a firm and curved cushion that will allow you to stretch your neck by tilting your head backwards.

The firmness of the cushion is essential for effective stretching of the cervical discs, but also to support your head. The use is very simple: you just have to lie on it and let it do its job! Your head will then naturally tilt backwards, always resting on the cushion: it is the device that will work, not you.

By relaxing your muscles and cervical tensions, the heating function of the cushion accompanies you gently in the practice of cervical decompression...

The heated Climsom Flex cervical traction cushion

To ensure the safety and effectiveness of this device, François Stévignon, physiotherapist for over 30 years, graduated in osteopathy and vertebral therapy and author of the method "Putting an End to Back Pain", has tested the Climsom Flex cervical decompression cushion. He tells you about it...

"With over 30 years of professional experience, I have observed the harmful effects of musculoskeletal disorders in my patients, often caused by a lack of respect for physiological curves, the lumbar and cervical lordoses. Habits that seem harmless, such as the increasing use of screens, reading or deep sofas, can upset these curves and cause unbearable pain.

This is where this cervical traction device comes in. By encouraging the return to a physiological cervical lordosis, it allows decompression of the vertebrae, relieves cervical discs and the nervous system, putting an end to local and remote pain. It also helps to become aware in a bodily way (proprioception) of the importance of a good cervical curve, for an optimal posture in all circumstances.

The effectiveness of this device is increased thanks to its heating function.

In addition to making the 10 minutes of practice even more comfortable and enjoyable, heat helps to deeply relax and release tense muscles in the neck, eliminating pain, tension and reflex contractions. This perfect synergy thus offers a liberated neck, capable once again of healthy and aesthetic postures.

In short, I highly recommend this cervical decompression device as long as your pain persists or whenever you feel the need or desire. It represents an effective and pleasant solution to relieve pain and encourage a medium, healthy and physiological posture, for a more comfortable and fulfilling life."


Posture and heat: the perfect combination to relieve cervical pain See the Climsom Flex as your home chiropractor, available whenever you need it! By combining cervical decompression and gentle heat, the heated Climsom Flex cervical traction pillow will:

Favor the return to a physiological cervical lordosis, the natural posture of the top of your spine (see diagram opposite). By adopting poor postures, especially head forward, this lordosis is not respected and the nerves are pinched between the vertebral discs. This is how pain and contractions arise... as well as an unaesthetic head posture.

Relieve reflex muscle contractions generated by the body to immobilize the cervical vertebrae and protect them from poor postures. You have surely already experienced the bad experience of these reflex contractions, falling asleep with your head forward or to the side in transport for example. No pain at time T, but waking up turns out to be more complicated! Indeed, it is when you raise your head that cervical pain is revealed, sometimes up to torticollis!

Relieve vertebral discs and the nervous system through cervical decompression, and thus acute neck pain (or neck pain) and chronic cervicalgia.

Relax tense cervical muscles thanks to the gentle heat diffused by the cover along your neck, and thus eliminate pain and tension localized in the cervical spine, but also adjacent such as headaches or tense trapezius muscles. The application of heat will also boost blood flow, thus allowing toxins to be eliminated and nutrients to be more effectively supplied. This exchange will promote tissue healing.

Relieve migraines and headaches

Cervical tensions or poor postures can be the cause of recurrent headaches. Thus, by relieving these tensions and returning to a physiological posture, you eliminate sources of migraine.

Release muscle tension related to stress.

Stress exposes to many pains in the upper body: stiff neck, blocked neck, headache, tense shoulder muscles... It can also trigger poor postures: the head lowered into the shoulders for example, but also antalgic compensatory postures in which we feel less pain in the short term, but which lead us in the medium term into a vicious circle. Cervical decompression reverses this process into a virtuous circle: by eliminating stress-related pain, you reduce stress itself. Indeed, these tension pains can themselves be a source of annoyance and additional exhaustion, feeding stress. In just a few minutes, the cervical traction cushion offers you an anti-stress relaxation session both from a musculoskeletal and psychological point of view.

Correct the humps at the cervical level.

With prolonged poor postures, you may notice the appearance of a hump in your neck, a sign that your cervical vertebrae no longer follow their physiological lordosis. It may also be a buffalo hump, a fatty lump forming in the upper back, between the shoulders. These bumps, annoying and painful, can be relieved and corrected by cervical decompression.


The heated Climsom Flex cervical traction cushion comes with a user manual written in French and English. You will find how to use the cushion and its heating cover, as well as a link to more tips and videos to guide you in the practice of cervical decompression.

Cervical decompression practice:

Place the heated cervical cushion on a flat and firm surface (carpet for example).

Lie down in front of the cervical cushion, knees bent and first on elbows,


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