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The baby bottle mixer will simplify your life. In just a few seconds, mix powdered milk and water evenly without any lumps, regardless of the powdered milk used! No more clogged teats.

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Grumeau-Free Baby Bottle Mixer

Do you dream of a clump-free bottle without wasting time? Have you heard about the clump-free baby bottle mixer?

In just 20 seconds, your baby's milk will be perfectly blended and homogeneous. No more shaking the bottle for long minutes and enduring your baby's intense cries... No more clumps blocking the bottle's teat. Your baby will finish their bottle without any hassle!

The baby bottle mixer will simplify your life. In just a few seconds, mix powdered milk and water evenly without any clumps, regardless of the powdered milk used! No more clogged teats.

Effective for all types of powdered milk and thickeners Adapted speeds to prevent splashing Long battery life thanks to its rechargeable USB battery A single rod adapted for homogeneous mixing


The rod attached to the base of the baby bottle mixer will perform rapid rotations impossible to achieve manually. This will allow the powder to mix perfectly into the water, regardless of the powder used.

The clump-free baby bottle mixer has 3 speeds: slow, moderate, and fast. You can adjust the rotation speed according to the thickness and quantity of the mixture, as well as the size of the bottle. To avoid splashing, we recommend starting with speed 1 (slow), especially during the first use.

The type of rod (whisk) has been specially chosen because its shape is perfect for powder + liquid mixtures. This adapted rod will perfectly mix all powders into a liquid without forming foam!

Its use and maintenance are very simple.

Once the speed is adjusted outside the bottle, simply insert the mixer's rod at the bottom of the bottle and press the ON button. Once the mixture is done, you can rinse the rod under water (with a little dish soap if desired), and you're done! Your baby bottle mixer will be ready for use again for the next bottle.

It is very practical, and you can take it with you everywhere. Its surprising autonomy will allow you to use it many times before needing to recharge it. Its battery is designed to last for 5 to 6 hours... So you have time to prepare many bottles before needing to recharge it. You'll know it's time to recharge it in advance because the intensity of the mixer will decrease. No need to panic; you'll have plenty of time to finish the current bottle, or even the next one! It is rechargeable via USB cable (provided). Its charging time is approximately 3 hours.

For all types of powdered milk

The baby bottle mixer is suitable for mixing all types of powdered milk (regular and specific), as well as powdered cereals: Regular milks (1st, 2nd, and 3rd age) Comfort and anti-reflux milks (AR) Hypoallergenic milks (HA) Lactose-free milks Substitutes based on hydrolyzed proteins Soy protein milks Milks for premature babies Infant milk thickeners Powdered cereals

Its advantages

Once your baby has grown and no longer drinks from a bottle, don't put away your baby bottle mixer! It can still be useful to you... Indeed, it can be used to mix liquids with all kinds of powders (protein powder, low-sugar cocoa powder, powdered soups, etc.). You can also use it to beat egg whites or simply whisk eggs to prepare a fluffy omelet, for example.

Gift idea

The baby bottle mixer is a great gift idea to delight new parents. Thanks to you, they won't know the distress of preparing a bottle... Fewer tears and fewer wasted bottles! Guaranteed success! In the same spirit of a useful baby gift for both baby and parents, we invite you to consider the BabyShusher.


"Why didn't I think of this sooner!" These are the words you will say once you have tried the baby bottle mixer.


The baby bottle mixer is a precious time-saver... You'll be able to spend more time taking care of your baby, rather than spending endless minutes trying to prepare a bottle, which will never be perfect. In just a few seconds, the bottle will be ready and perfectly mixed without any lumps! What a relief!

Less stress

Hearing your baby cry can be stressful. When they're hungry, minutes can feel very long, their cries intensify, and so does your stress... Preparing a bottle becomes almost a nightmare, especially if the mixture isn't perfect and the lumps prevent the bottle from being properly taken. With the mixer, in 20 seconds, the mixture is ready. Your baby is less agitated and will take their bottle more easily and calmly. You are calm, and so is the baby!

Better feeding for baby

We know that for babies who are picky eaters, the presence of lumps in the teat can "permanently" interrupt bottle feeding. Failure... But thanks to the homogeneous mixture obtained with the baby bottle mixer, this will not happen to you anymore! Your baby will take their bottle more easily. They won't be stopped by those nasty lumps. Your baby will.


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