Room fragrance - Belle envolée - 100ml - Mathilde M


A breath of spring, ushering in the sun. The new collection of Mathilde M. for home perfume.

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Perfume your home

A scent that reminds you of your child's room, a scent that you have always loved without even knowing why, a scent that soothes you ... so many ways to use aromas and essences to relax you, soothe you, feel good . By perfuming your home, your bed linen, your curtains, your linen cupboard… thanks to the products specially designed for this from the Health Beauty Counter, you have a solution as pleasant as it is effective to make your interior even more pleasant to live in. 

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Home perfume spray Belle envolée - 100 ml - Mathilde M. collections

New perfume of Mathilde M: Belle envolée:

Spring has sprung in Versailles. In and around the splendid gardens, flowers are bursting open, their sweet fragrance blendingwith the fresh, livelynotes from the sumptuous fountains. as an homage to the most poetic of seasons. Mathilde M. has designed a brand new, exquisite perfume...

Deliciously fruity, a sparkling fragrance that mingles the zesty freshness of grapefruit with soft , sublime jasmione and the invigorating notes of water flowers. A breath of spring, ushering in the sun.

head notes: mandarin, grapefruit

heart notes: water flowers, jasmine

found notes: precious wood, white musk

The Perfume d'ambiance Mathilde M. perfumes instantly and a simple pressure is enough to create an ambiance.
The number of pressures must be adapted according to the dimensions of the piece to be perfumed and according to the desired fragrance intensity.
Like any perfume, the perfume of atmosphere vaporizes avoiding furniture, jewelry, furs or delicate fabrics.


Made in France

Bottle 100 ml 

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Data sheet

Home fragrances
Huile parfumée
Belle envolée
100 ml
How to use
Spray d'ambiance: Vaporisez d'une ou plusieurs pressions, selon les dimensions de la pièce que vous parfumez, et l'intensité de parfum que vous désirez.
ORM-D contains alcohol
ORM-D limited quantity

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    Published 19/01/2020 à 04:00 (Order date: 11/01/2020)

    Parfum moyennement correct mais j ai déjà pris d autres senteurs - qui hélas ne se font plus ? - du style "Poudre de Riz" ou "Douce Nuit" par exemple, qui étaient bien plus agréables. A ce sujet, quels seraient les plus ressemblants dans la nouvelle collection ? Merci pour cette info. Cordialement.

    Merchant's answer

    Chère madame parfum Poudre de riz sera à nouveau disponible à mois février. La gamme de Mathilde M est très large. Le fabricant est en création permanente des nouveaux senteurs. Parfum douce nuit n'existe plus dans leur collection. En revanche si vous aimez les senteurs douces, vous pouvez tester aussi Fleur de coton, Nounours. Je vais vous envoyer une invitation par email dès que notre stock sera réapprovisionné. Bonne soirée et à très bientôt, cordialement Julie

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