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Eau de toilette - Fresh water - 100 ml - Savonnerie de Bormes

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Body fresh water. Fragrance light and fresh for body by french manufacturer Savonnerie de Bormes.

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It is said that perfume and sun do not necessarily mix well ... The perfume could especially create stains and irritations on the skin in contact with the sun. Adverse effects that would be due to the transformation of certain species and substances (such as psoralens and its derivatives) that would become toxic to UV rays.

The fresh waters are then good alternatives, which avoid to know this kind of inconveniences while allowing to surf on the olfactory tendencies of the season.

So, discover our fresh Eau de Savonnerie de Bormes, a fragrance with hints of citrus, which will reach men, but also dynamic and sporty women.

100ml, without packading. Made in France by Savonnerie de Bormes

Contains: alcohol denat. 80%, aqua, parfum, anyse alcohol, coumaron


Data sheet

100 ml
How to use
Eau de toilette: tenir hors portée des enfants, facilement inflammable. Utiliser dans 12 mois.
ORM-D contains alcohol
ORM-D limited quantity

Specific References

The price of Eau de Toilette from Savonnerie de Bormes is not excessive, as there are no surcharges on the price of the product, such as cardboard packaging. As the production is done by hand, it is quite possible to notice small visual defects, such as a badly glued label. Please take this information into account when making your purchase.

Eau de toilette - Fresh...

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