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On sale! Parfumeur d'intérieur Rosa Rugosa du Japon - 100 ml - Les Lumières du Temps

Perfume diffuser Rosa Rugosa of Japon - 100 ml - Les Lumières du Temps

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Let travel your senses, by discovering olfactive treasures faraway….New olfactif perfume line Carnet de voyage olfactif by les Lumières du temps presents 6 excellent fragrances in our shop...

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Home perfume diffuser, fragrance Rosa Rugosa of Japon - 100 ml - les Lumières du temps

« Carnet de voyage olfactif » make you travel from Japan to Venezuela, via China, Thaïlande, India and Egypt, to discover the ancient perfumes from these regions.

Let travel your senses, by discovering olfactive treasures faraway….

Rosa Rugosa of Japon fragrance: travel to Japanese coasts to the discovery of Rosa Rugosa. Sometimes called "Japan rosebush" or "Hamanasi" in japanese language, this shrub with rought leaves and stems covered of thorns grows on East Asia's coasts. Often located in dunes, this "Rosebush of beaches" is cultivated since thousand years for its sweet perfumed flowers.

Fragranceés notes: oriental roses bouquet. ginger and cedar.

Room scents diffuser in elegant box, good gift idea from french manufacturer Les Lumières du Temps. 

This box includes an elegant 100 ml room diffuser and 9 rattan sticks. Once the rattan sticksare put into the diffuser, they absorb the perfume by capillarity and disperse subtly the scent into the air. 

We recommend you to turn rattan sticks over every day for a better dispersal of the perfume. It is also suggested that yiou remplace the sticks every 3 weeks.

You can by in our shop also the refull of perfume and the sticks of change.


100 ml . Made in France


Warning: hold away from any flame nor source of heat. Do not swallow or inhale. Can be galling for the skin and mucous membrane. Can provoce allergic reaction. Keep  away from children.

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