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Natural french cosmetics with essential oil of lavander. 

L’Essentiel de lavande cultivates their lavender and lavandin* fields in the Drôme Provençale. Natural essential oil declined for home, for well being and let yourself be surprised by the taste of lavender in herbal tea.

* Lavandin is an hybrid yiel, a cross between  « lavande fine » « lavande Aspic »

Pure essential oils available in different formats including perfume candles, fragrance sachets for cupboards. Everything your home needs to benefit from the healing virtues of lavandin.

The cosmetic line was created in a natural spirit with a laboratory that resembles us!

Nearly 5 hectares of lavender and lavandin are cultivated on the plateau of Clansayes, between Grignan and Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux, in Drome Provençale region.

This clay and limestone land is located amidst truffles and green and white oak trees where shepherds, hunters and walkers cross the land. Many hives, some of which function all year long, are scattered throughout this natural setting which becomes very dry in the summer.

The trails are crossed by the last flock of ewes in the village as well as by a newly introduced herd of goats.

In June the fields have a delicate bluish color that turn to purple during July and become slightly grey at the time of cutting in early August. After harvesting, the rows become impeccable geometric lines, providing a graphic touch in the lush vegetation.

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