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All products of Flore Alps are natural organic well-being products.?

Flora Alps offers a range of cosmetic oil of Sea buckthorn or birch seve.



Cosmetics BIO flora Alps are natural cosmetic products. They are made without synthetic preservatives (paraben, PEG...), without dyes, without petrochemicals, without synthetic fragrances. Our cosmetic products are not tested on animals.

Flora Alps offers a range of cosmetic oil of Sea buckthorn or birch SAP:

Organic face creams

Bio body milk

Oil of organic beauty

Organic shampoo

Gel shower Bio


Bio lip stick

Bio sun cream

Lotion Bio

Bio face lotion

Hands cream Bio



Sea buckthorn in the world:

The plant grows in Tibet, it is mentioned in the medical treatise of the 8th century.

Sea buckthorn is part of the official list of the Russian, Mongolian and Chinese Pharmacopoeia. It is also planted in the foothills of the Himalayas.

In Europe it grows in Germany, in the Scandinavian countries, the Baltic States, Central Europe and in France (in the Alps and along the North Sea).

Sea buckthorn fruits: Treasury of vitality! Sea buckthorn fruits are vitamin C rich fruit of Europe.


In the natural state they also contain vitamins A and E, of the B group vitamins, flavonoids, amino acids and trace elements and minerals. Sea buckthorn is regarded as a natural tonic.


Pure Sea buckthorn oil: treasure of beauty!

Orange Sea buckthorn fruits contain a rare and valuable oil that protects and heals the skin and mucous membranes.

Sea buckthorn oil contains a series of essential nutrients: antioxidant vitamins A and E, acids fat essential (Omega 3-6-7-9), stearin, acid palmitoléïque, mineral... making a complete oil "used for smoothing, strengthen, nourish the skin, stimulating the regeneration of cells, slow the aging process, effectively protect the skin against UV.


For skin: the PURE oil of Sea buckthorn Flore Alps is recommended to build the skin (in care face, eye, lips, and anti-aging care), as well as for the healing of wounds, Burns, wounds, crevices, chapped skin and skin problems.

For mucosal: scarring of mucous membranes.

Food: It can be added to food (salads, vegetables, rice etc).


Sea buckthorn in different languages:


Latin: Hippophaë Rhamnoïdes

English: Seabuckthorn

German: Sanddorn

Italian: Olivello Spinoso

Tibetan: Darbu

Russian: Oblepicha

Spanish: Espino amarillo

Finnish: Tyrni

Swedish: Havtorn


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