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Aromatic bunch

Today we present you the new collection from Mathilde M: ICONIC

In 2017, Mathilde M writes a new page if its history: the refinement of the French art of living is offered in a new collection of home fragrances, named ICONIC.

Between classic and modern, this elegant and refined collection draws its inspiration from the majestic universe of the Sun King.

Containers throuth of as beautiful objects of contemporary decoration take of their finest attires: metallic colors, the shimmering of a gold medaillon echo the brilliance of the Sun King. Each bottle contains perfumes born from the audacious marriage of noble ingredients....for a royal wake.

A collection at the heart of trends  that will find its place in every home.

We have two perfums from this collection to present you today: Tonka Précieuse and Lys Majestueux

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Showing 1-2 of 2 item(s)

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