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Are you professional? 

You lead an hotel, a bed & breakfast, a Spa, a care or relaxation centre, a massage parlour, a point of sale... make us identifying you as a professional (contact@comptoir-beaute-sante.com ), we will send you your professional access codes.

You can, therefore, download catalogs and price-lists dedicated to professionals.

We reserve for you, rates adapted to your activity, decreasing prices according to volumes and amounts of your orders. 

We export and deliver worldwide, in the current best conditions for each destination (excepted products containing alcohol entering into class III classification).

Under conditions of minimum annual volumes, some of our products can be packed with your name. Ask us for quotation. 



Your Bio Beauty Advisor

E-mail: contact@comptoir-beaute-sante.com

Phone: + 33 254 42 63 36